Ingrid Owen Photography

Ingrid with an “Eye”

Born in Muizenberg, Cape Town.  My father being an amateur photographer and I was always interested watching him develop his own photographs.
I suppose it was natural that I would one day follow in his footsteps, capturing moments and memories using “film”. It just took me a while… to find my “eye”.
Growing up in a Hungarian household, it seemed we were different to “normal families”, but looking back, I smile and realize that we were as normal as the next family. Maybe a little more straight forward than some… but pretty normal.
Did this help me in life? Yes! I am confident and comfortable with people, I take on challenges with enthusiasm. I really enjoy the “candid’ shots and love working with people and children.
I am a positive and energetic person, and have a brilliant sense of humour. I embrace life and my motto explains me to a tee – ”Live for Today”
Level 4 Contributor to B-BBEE



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